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I know my blog post are few and far between. I want to make sure when I post it’s real and honest. Today I’m about to be real transparent. I may lose followers and that’s okay. My whole life I’ve grown up being told to always listen when the Lord speaks and guess what! He spoke. Loud and clear. So if I still have your attention keep reading.

If you are someone who has been following my Instagram for a while you may have noticed some changes like posting more often or posting very specifically. If you’re new then maybe you have picked up on the changes and that’s okay.

I recently have been feeling VERY convicted by the Lord and I feel 100% sure that it’s time to be honest and use this platform for more than just pictures of my cute kid and my loving family. I feel like recently I’ve been more concerned with how many likes I get and less concerned with who likes my posts. What I mean is that I don’t want to just get a like, but I want to use this platform to tell whoever is listening that not only do I love my family, but I also LOVE the Lord and strive to be like Christ. I have felt recently that my voice on IG is more than just talking about the achievements Lo has made developmentally, but to tell you that I am a pastors wife and sometimes I mess up. Yes. I said it. I mess up. I’m NOT perfect. I’m sure you’re not surprised, but honestly I needed to tell myself that. Yes my pictures may come across that way sometimes and yes I’ve said I’m going to be transparent, but I haven’t been fully transparent. From this point on you’re going to hear a little bit more about my love for Christ and not just my love for likes. Likes and followers are greatly appreciated and will definitely help my goal of being a stay at home/work from home mom.

Seasons change and people come and go, but the one thing that remains is the Lord. He is constant. He is never failing. He is always with me. If I can use these posts to not only motivate some as mothers, but all to live for Christ then my calling to share the gospel is succeeding. I want to also use this platform as motivation and accountability. I can come up with words to say in a post, but sometimes those words are just words and not actions.

I want to apologize for not being fully transparent.

And thank you for reading all the way through.

Madison Renee

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